Top 10 Advertising Networks for Websites

Top 10 advertising networks for websites

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your website’s ad revenue? With so many advertising networks, it cannot be easy to decide which is best for your site.

This article will help guide you through the top 10 advertising networks for websites that are sure to increase and optimize your online income. This guide provides a comprehensive list of the best ad networks available, from established large corporations to smaller companies with unique offerings.

What are advertising networks?

Advertising networks are platforms that connect advertisers with publishers. They offer a marketplace for buying and selling ad inventory across multiple websites, apps, and other digital channels.

By using an advertising network, advertisers can reach a broader audience than they could by directly contacting individual publishers.

Several types of advertising networks are available to businesses, including display ad networks, mobile ad networks, video ad networks, and social media ad networks.

Each type specializes in a specific area of digital advertising and offers different targeting options to help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

Using an advertising network can be beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers gain access to a broader audience. Publishers can monetize their website or app by displaying relevant ads from the network’s pool of advertisers.

Additionally, many advertising networks offer tools for tracking performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), which allows both parties to optimize campaigns for better results.

How do advertising networks work?

Advertising networks serve as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers, connecting those who want to promote their products or services with those with a platform to showcase them.

These networks work by pooling ad inventory from various publishers across websites, apps, and social media platforms.

Once the inventory is aggregated, advertisers can purchase ads through the network’s platform, targeting specific audiences based on demographics such as age, location or interests.

The network will then deliver the ads to relevant sites where they will be displayed for their intended audience. In exchange for this service, advertising networks charge a commission fee on top of what the advertiser pays for each ad placement.

One significant advantage of using advertising networks is that they allow advertisers to reach a much larger audience than they would be able to individually.

Top 10 advertising networks for websites

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular advertising network for websites. It is possessed and controlled by Google and proffers diverse advertising alternatives, including text, image, and video ads.

The network is unrestricted and straightforward to enter, which makes it an admirable preference for inexperienced and practised website proprietors.
Google AdSense employs contextual targeting, which implies that the ads shown on a website are relevant to the website’s content.

This targeting mechanism facilitates escalating the ads’ importance and augments click-through rates and income for website proprietors. is an additional prevalent advertising network that tends contextual advertising options. It is possessed by Yahoo and Bing and authorizes website proprietors to access an extensive pool of advertisers.

The network proffers sundry advertising formats, comprising display ads, native ads, and video ads.’s contextual targeting algorithm examines a website’s content and presents relevant ads to visitors.

The network likewise proffers a distinctive feature that empowers website proprietors to modify the appearance of the ads to tally with their website’s design.


AdThrive is an advertising network distinguished for its exceptional revenue potential. The network specializes in display advertising and proposes several distinct formats, including sticky sidebar ads, in-content ads, and display ads.

AdThrive upholds a stringent authorization process, and website proprietors must gratify specific traffic and content requirements before entering the network. Nonetheless,

AdThrive offers personalized support and a high revenue share for those who get approval.


Ezoic is an advertising network that employs artificial intelligence to optimize ad placement and enhance revenue for website proprietors.

The network has diverse ad formats, including display ads, in-content ads, and sticky sidebar ads.

Ezoic’s artificial intelligence algorithm scrutinizes website traffic and user behaviour to ascertain the best ad placement for maximum revenue.

The network also proffers a distinctive feature that authorizes website proprietors to examine distinct ad formats and placements to ascertain the optimal combination for their website.


Infolinks is a distinct advertising network that tends to several formats, including in-text ads, in-fold ads, and in-screen ads. The network specializes in contextual advertising and employs machine learning to scrutinize a website’s content and display relevant ads.

Infolinks is facile to use and tenders a quick setup process, which makes it a distinguished preference for website proprietors inexperienced with advertising.

Likewise, the network offers a real-time dashboard that authorizes website proprietors to monitor their ad revenue and performance.


PropellerAds is an advertising network that offers diverse ad formats, including pop-under ads, push notifications, and native ads.

The network specializes in high-traffic websites and offers sundry geolocation and device targeting options.

PropellerAds tenders competitive revenue shares and provides website proprietors with a dedicated account manager to aid with ad optimization and performance.


Sovrn is an advertising network that specializes in programmatic advertising. The network offers distinct formats, including display ads, video ads, and native ads.

Sovrn’s programmatic advertising technology employs machine learning algorithms to optimize ad performance and enhance revenue for website proprietors.

Sovrn additionally furnishes website proprietors access to a wide array of advertisers, making it a distinguished preference for those looking to monetize their traffic with high-paying ads.


Bidvertiser, a self-serve advertising network, offers various ad formats, such as native ads, pop-under ads, and display ads.

With its pay-per-click advertising speciality, the network employs real-time bidding technology, ensuring website proprietors receive the highest ad revenue.

Bidvertiser’s user-friendly platform guarantees website owners complete control over their ad inventory. At the same time, the referral program offers additional revenue streams by referring other website owners to the network.


Adsterra, an advertising network, delivers an array of ad formats, including video ads, display ads, and native ads. With its high-quality ad inventory specialization, the network provides website owners with an extensive pool of premium advertisers.

Adsterra’s anti-fraud technology ensures website owners receive high-quality traffic and ad revenue. The real-time reporting dashboard lets website owners monitor their ad performance and revenue.


Revcontent is a native advertising-focused network offering recommendation widgets and in-content ads.

The network’s native advertising technology matches the ads with the website’s content, giving website owners highly relevant and engaging ads for their visitors.

Renowned for its high-quality ad inventory, Revcontent gives website owners a high revenue share.

The network offers a dedicated account manager, who assists with ad optimization and performance, providing website owners access to an ad specialist.

How to choose the right advertising network for your website

Selecting the appropriate advertising network for your website requires an assessment of numerous factors.

Different networks offer distinct ad formats. Thus it is essential to identify the ad format that is most suitable for your website and its target audience.

Payment models also differ among networks, with some operating on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis and others on a pay-per-impression (PPI) basis. It is imperative to select the payment model that is most appropriate for your website.

In addition, it is critical to consider which advertising network will enable you to reach your intended audience.

Moreover, it is essential to assess the network’s ease of use and the level of control it provides in ad placement.

Lastly, it is crucial to evaluate the amount of reporting the network offers and how accessible it is.

When deciding on an advertising network for your website, the number of variables to consider can be overwhelming.

Ad formats provided by various networks are not uniform, and it is crucial to determine which one is the best match for your website and the target audience.

The payment models of different networks vary, and it is essential to select the most suited for your website.

Furthermore, selecting the right advertising network should be done with the target audience in mind. It is also necessary to evaluate the network’s ease of use and the level of control it gives you over ad placement.

Finally, the reporting capabilities of the network and its accessibility should be thoroughly evaluated.


In conclusion, several advertising networks are available for website owners to choose from. Each network offers unique features and advantages, making it essential for website owners to choose the network that best fits their needs.

Google AdSense,, AdThrive, Ezoic, Infolinks, PropellerAds, Sovrn, Bidvertiser, Adsterra, and Revcontent are all excellent options for website owners who are looking to monetize their content through advertising.

By choosing the right advertising network and optimizing ad performance, website owners can earn significant revenue from their traffic.


What is an advertising network?

An advertising network is a platform that connects advertisers with website owners.

How do advertising networks work?

Advertising networks allow advertisers to place ads on websites and website owners to earn money by displaying these ads.

What are the top advertising networks for websites?

The top website advertising networks include Google AdSense,, Amazon Advertising, Ezoic, Propeller Ads, AdThrive, Sovrn, Infolinks, BuySellAds, and Revcontent.

What factors should I consider when choosing an advertising network?

When choosing an advertising network, consider factors such as ad formats, payment models, target audience, ease of use, and reporting.

How can I optimize my ad revenue?

You can optimize your ad revenue by experimenting with different ad formats and placements, targeting high-paying keywords, and optimizing your website’s traffic and engagement.

How much money can I make with advertising networks?

The amount of money you can make with advertising networks depends on various factors, including your website’s traffic, audience demographics, ad formats and placements, and the advertising network’s payment model and payout rates.

Do I need a certain amount of website traffic to use advertising networks?

Many advertising networks require website owners to have a minimum amount of traffic to be accepted into their program. However, advertising networks also accept websites with lower traffic volumes.

Can I use multiple advertising networks on my website?

Yes, you can use multiple advertising networks on your website. However, it’s essential to ensure that the ads from different networks don’t overlap or compete with each other, as this can negatively affect user experience and ad revenue.

How do I ensure that my website’s ads are relevant and high-quality?

You can ensure that your website’s ads are relevant and high-quality by targeting keywords and audience demographics closely related to your website’s content and carefully reviewing and approving all ads before they are displayed.

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